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Ways to Make Use of a New Wedding Crest

Ways to Make Use of a New Wedding Crest

Having a wedding crest designed can sometimes incite a common question… why?

Luckily for both of us, that is an easy question to dispense of. A wedding crest is bigger than just merging your initials together and calling it a day, it is way more than that. It is symbolic of merging your families together.

On your wedding day you are making a commitment to your soon-to-be spouse forever. And in doing so, you are starting a new family – a very specific branch off of the two families that came before your new one.

Having a “logo” representing what you and the love of your life share is a special thing. It will be an illustration of the way you are becoming one, an emblem to show the unique bond you now share, and it’s just dang regal too.

Having your own family crest goes far past your wedding day, you will have it around your home for the rest of your life, but of course, it will be prominently featured during your big day…

Here are a few of our favorite ways to feature your wedding crest during your wedding:

  • Table numbers and menus

Low hanging fruit, but signature none the less. Seen plainly across your reception at every table is the new couple’s crest.

  • Wedding favors

A wedding favor should accomplish one goal. A memory to your friends and family of the most important day of your life. And a crest is far more unique and symbolic than almost anything else you can put on those wedding favors.

  • Bar décor

This could be a banner over the bar, a logo painted on the bar itself, and certainly on the drink napkins. Everyone remembers the bar at a wedding, so why not put your unique crest there for everyone to see upon each visit. Pro Tip: Place the logo on laminate or hang it vs. painting right on the bar that way you can take it home and re-use it around your home!

  • Postage Stamps

What says custom and unique more than using your own postage stamp on all your thank you letters! I mean seriously, switching from all the seasonal or flag stamps that everyone else is using to a custom crest that NOBODY else is using is a big move. Check it out here!

  • After-ceremony-tee shirts

Changing out of your wedding duds is a good feeling. Changing into a custom, and comfy, tee shirt that showcases your new family is perfect to stay in the wedding spirit without sacrificing anything special.

  • Cookies and cakes

I know, I know, it’s tough to eat something as pretty as your wedding crest… but they do make special treats for your wedding guests!

  • Save-the-date and Invitations cards

Last, but not least, a wedding crest will look excellent on your save-the-date and invitation cards. This is as classic as it gets, welcoming everyone with your wedding crest before they even arrive at the big event.

Wrap Up

There are many more ways you can use your wedding crest, yard games, bridal party gifts, signage, and many more. But these are our favorite! Be creative with it and feature your crest proudly. You will look back on the photos and memories of the day so much more with your special crest a part of the day.

Venue: North Star Gatherings - @northstargatherings

Planner: Events by Bee - @eventsbybee

Catering and Bar: Serendipity Catering - @serendipitydenver

Photographer: Kayla Rae Photography - @kaylaraephotos

Videographer: Chris Rasmussen Films - @chris.rasmussen.films

Floral: A Florae - @a_florae

Cake: The Chocolate Llama - @the_chocolate_llama

Entertainment: Professor D - Jordan Kahn Orchestra - @jordankahnorchestra

Hair and Makeup - ElePosh - @eleposh_


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