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Vow Books | Tips for your Wedding Vows

Vow Books are a sweet spot to keep your intimate words and beautiful to hold during your ceremony.

The cover is printed on a beautiful linen paper giving it rich texture while still being light to hold.

Whether you are saying traditional vows or writing your own, these vow books are very special.

Here are some tips for writing your own vows...

  • When you are writing your vows, write directly to your fiancé (soon-to-be spouse). Don't think about the audience and whoever will be listening during the ceremony. These words are between you two, and while others are listen, there is no need to perform. Speak from your heart, and dive into those deep feelings. A good place to start, pretend like you are writing a love letter to him.

  • Don't be afraid to be funny, just be mindful of inside jokes, and inappropriate things. Remember, your grandma might hear these!

  • Don't force them. If nothing is coming to mind when you sit down to write your vows, step away from it. You don't want to force anything. Make sure you are in the right mindset, the environment is supportive of deep thought and let your mind wander. But again, if it's not working, walk away and try again later.

  • Chat with your officiant to discuss how long your vows should be. Usually one to two minutes is enough.

  • Find Inspiration. This can be from a romcom, music lyrics or a bible verse. Whatever it is, lean into it.


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