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The Story | How Petals and Ink Design Started

I am a goal oriented person...

In Spring of 2020, I decided I wanted to gift front line workers something as a 'thank you'. I teamed up with vendors to provide gift bags for Nurses in Montgomery County. I hand drew 50+ floral images to include in the bags. What a joy! (Not sarcasm).


So, Petals and Ink Design.

This journey started for me in December 2019... The day my daughter was born.

Motherhood was challenging for me, like many.

In February of 2020 my brother-in-law, Ethan, visited us for an extended stay.


What a year.

I returned to work from maternity leave the day before the county announced a world pandemic. Things were a little crazy; At work navigating the pandemic. At home learning how to be a mother and caring for a newborn.

Ethan is an amazingly talented artist.

He spends many hours drawing, sketching, painting, etc. While he visited we spent a lot of time doing art along side each other. This is when I drew all the floral images for the Nurses 'Thank you' bags.

I continued to do art.

This was my time. At the end of the night or before anyone else was awake in the mornings I would spend time drawing. It was challenging to learn new things and perfect my ability, it was a welcomed mental distraction. I couldn't browse social media or check messages while I drew pictures... I just focused on my drawing and vision.

After drawing, drawing and more drawing. I went to social media to sell/give away my pieces. The support and encouragement I received was incredible! So, I started brainstorming ideas of how I could do more with my new found passion.

Petals and Ink Design was born in September 2021.


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