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Managing Wedding Day Nerves and Embracing the Present Moment

Managing Wedding Day Nerves and Embracing the Present Moment

Your wedding day is finally here, and while it's a joyous occasion, it's natural to feel a surge of nerves and anticipation. By adopting a few strategies, you can navigate those jitters and fully embrace the beauty of the day you've been dreaming about.

Breathe and Center Yourself:

When you wake up on your wedding day, take a few moments to connect with your breath. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and exhale slowly. This simple practice helps calm your nervous system and brings you back to the present moment. Remember that today is about celebrating love and commitment, and you are surrounded by your loved ones.

Additionally, if you’re like me, doing something that calms me would be an ideal way to start the day. An example of this for me; I love drawing. Sitting down for 5-10 minutes to sketch out a picture is so therapeutic to me, that it's worth the pause. Or taking a 10 minute cycle on my stationery bike to get the blood flowing and set the pace for a positive day.

Surround Yourself with Support:

Your bridal party and family are there to support you. Lean on them for reassurance and encouragement. Spend time with your loved ones before the ceremony, sharing laughter and cherished memories. Their presence will remind you of the love and joy that surrounds you.

Trust Your Vendors:

You've put careful thought into choosing your wedding vendors, so trust in their expertise. Delegate the responsibility of coordinating and troubleshooting to them, allowing you to focus on enjoying the day. Knowing that capable professionals are taking care of the details will alleviate unnecessary stress.

Embrace Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present and aware of the present moment. Take moments throughout the day to ground yourself in the present. Notice the details—the fragrance of the flowers, the warmth of your partner's hand, the sounds of laughter and celebration. By consciously savoring these moments, you can create lasting memories.

Accept Imperfections:

Perfection is an elusive goal, and wedding days rarely go without a hitch. Embrace the imperfections as part of your unique story. Remember that the real essence of your wedding lies in the love you share with your partner and the commitment you are making. Let go of any unrealistic expectations and embrace the beauty of the day as it unfolds.

As you embark on this incredible journey of love, managing wedding day nerves and staying present in the moment becomes a powerful tool. By taking intentional breaths, surrounding yourself with support, and practicing mindfulness, you can truly be present and fully experience the magic of your wedding day. Trust that everything will fall into place and relish in the joy, laughter, and love that surrounds you. Embrace the imperfections and treasure each moment as a cherished memory. Congratulations on your wedding day and may it be everything you've ever dreamed of and more!

Planner and Designer: @amyotevents

Venue: @prismannapolis

Photographer: @catgrangerphotography

Florist: @wildlynativeflowerfarm

Cake: @cocoascupcakesdc

Rentals: @honeywoodrentals

Vintage Plates and Goblets: @poshplatesvintage

Decor: @social.settings and

Wedding Dress and Tux: @annapolisbridal

Stationery: @petalsandinkdesign

HMUA: @shayladiazartistry

Models: @katieharmis and @chriswoltz


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