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Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

This was my first attempt at gold foil on wedding invitations and signage.

It’s an easy way to add a splash of elegance to the invitations.

While it can seem a bit tedious, it’s awesome because it doesn’t have to be perfect to look good.

After printing the invitations, I grabbed a glue stick and got started.

1. Rub glue on the places you’d like the gold foil.

2. Apply the foil on top of the glue, and use your finger tips to brush off any extra gold foil.

Continue until you get the desired look you want.

I love how the final product looks!

On these (photographed here) I didn't follow any sort of pattern, I just applied the gold foil where I thought it would look good.

Of course you can apply it to repeating corners or whatever you desire.


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