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Gift Ideas beyond the Wedding Registry

Gift Ideas beyond the Wedding Registry

In my opinion buying something on a registry can take away from the personal experience of gifting. I love taking time to think of a gift, package it perfectly and then give it to the recipient. With today’s technology you can click a few buttons and the gift is on its way, without you even seeing or touching it.

Here’s my suggested work around…

Buy something off the registry and give a personalized gift.

Have fun packaging it and enjoy!

Here’s a list of gifts that the couple likely doesn’t have on their registry but are sure to love!

- A bridal bouquet drawing

o This gift in most cases must be created after the wedding day. The drawing will be a replica of the bouquet from the wedding. This is unique gift because it’s specific to the couple’s day and their wedding. I suggest adding the Couple’s name, ex: Mr & Mrs Jones, and their wedding date.

- Home Drawing

o Often when a couple gets married, they move into a home together around the same time, so a custom home drawing is a unique gift to celebrate their lives joining in this way. You can add an “Established In” on the piece.


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