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Gift Boxes | Clients, Friends, Family, Vendors

I love to give gifts.

Especially thoughtful handmade items. That's one reason I started this business! I believe if you have a talent you should share it with the world. :)

As any of my friends, clients or colleagues they've likely received a gift from me, and it was likely handmade and quite possibly available in my shop.

One of my favorite parts about giving gifts is the assembly. I don't know what it is but the tangible side of putting each piece together, packing it up in a cute way and preparing it for the recipient gives me joy. So, we are excited to launch this part of our shop; Gifts!

You can order a gift box to be shipped to your friend, client, family member - whoever you want! We can ship it directly to them or send it to you for delivery.

These gift boxes are unique, made up of handmade pieces with sweet details that your recipient is sure to love!

We can do one box or 10, you let us know how many you need and we can make it happen.

Why buy our boxes?

This takes the work out of it for you. We will do the assembly, add the details and make it the perfect gift! You just let us know how many you need. It's that simple.

We can add custom cards for your gift receiver and sign them from you!


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