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Don't Forget | Wedding Planning

There are so many moving pieces to planning a wedding, and people literally make careers out of it! So, here are a few tips to help with your big day.

  • Note what time sunset is on your wedding day

This is a big one for me - as I am also a wedding photographer. Golden hour is the perfect time for photographs and I always encourage my clients to set aside a few minutes around sunset to sneak away for some photos. Planning for it means you won't be pulled away from an activity, like cake cutting or a first dance.

  • A Photo Point Person

Having a friend or family member help with family photos can be a huge time saver. This person will be familiar with your family, knowing who is who. Making it easier to get group photos lined up. This person can also be with you during bridal portraits helping with the veil, fluffy the dress.

  • Create Your Wedding Website

Be sure to create your wedding website before sending out save the dates, so people can easily hop on your website after they receive them.

  • Eat on your wedding day

Plan to have food readily available on your wedding day. You'll be busy and likely not think of eating, but it's super important that you do. So, arrange for food to be delivered or onsite while you are getting ready so you can munch throughout the day.


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