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Behind the Scenes | Styling a Wedding Invitation Suite

I like to keep my styling fairly minimal to really showcase the wedding invitation, but good styling can go along way!

Here's what my setup currently looks like...

- I use my chest freezer as a table

- I have two studio lights (not pictured)

- I use rolls of wallpaper as my backdrops.

- I use different props/pieces to style the paper products.

Here I used a silver tray I found at the Goodwill for $2.00! It worked as a good item to frame the invitation and having other pieces around it.

I also used pieces I made, the acrylic name tags with gold embossing to style the invitation suite.

I snagging these flowers from an event and dried them to use for flat lays.

When I photograph my pieces I take the same approach for each piece. Then I change out the backdrop, and the props used to showcase a specific suite.


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