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4 Wedding Invitation Tips You Can't Go Wrong With

  • RSVP – Be sure to include a place for guests to RSVP. Whether it’s an RSVP card (with pre-stamped envelope) or directing guests to your wedding website to reply. This is going to give you a head count for your wedding day and is super important for planning purposes.

  • Postage – You should proactively take your invitation into the post office and weigh it. It’s important to ensure you have the correct amount of postage on the invitations, so they don’t get sent back!

  • Hand Cancelling – Do you know what hand cancelling is? I didn’t! Stamps are cancelled once they are mailed by a machine, the machine can be messy, especially for odd shapes or thick envelops. Hand cancelling is when the post office cancels the stamps by hand. This protects your invitations from being torn, ripped or getting smudges all over them from the machine. Obviously, this is more work for the post office but if you ask nicely, they are usually willing to help! Depending on the person, they may accept a tip for doing this – so consider thanking them with a little $$.

  • Extra – Make sure you have extra invitations. You may have forgotten to include someone on your guest list, or their invitation may get lost in the mail. Having a couple backups is helpful if anything happens. Also, having an extra to give your photographer on your wedding day so they can photograph it alongside your details is a must! Then you can have it as a keepsake.


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