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3 Tips for Staying Organized

Nowadays we are being pulled in a dozen directions at once so staying organized is important!

I am a lover of lists. So, I have lots of notepads around to support this addiction. ;) I remember in High School, one of my teachers assigned us to keep a ‘journal’ for the class. Writing down the lesson summary with pen and paper. This helped with my understanding of the curriculum and retention of the information.

This has stuck with me over the years… I believe that writing things down helps us in so many ways.

I want to share 3 tips for staying organized.

1. Write things down.

You guessed it! Writing things down is hugely beneficial. According to Learning Tribes taking notes with pen and paper is a good way to increase retention. And according to if you write down a goal you are 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to accomplish it! Write it out. Be as detailed as possible when it comes to goals because the more vivid it is the more likely you are to accomplish it.

2. Time Management.

Once you’ve got your list start thinking through a plan of how to check things off. I like using the method of time blocking. This is how I approach most days to stay focused, chip away at different items on my to do list and feel accomplished. If you aren’t familiar with time blocking, check it out here.

3. Be tidy.

Keeping your workspace tidy can help you stay organized (whether this is your desk at work, your home office, or your kitchen table). I know, this one is sounds like using the same word to define the word but hear me out. Even if you have little piles, keeping your workspace physically organized will help with freeing your mind of clutter when you start to dive into your to-do list. You probably wouldn’t mediate in a loud concert, so you can’t approach your lists when among chaos.

Here are some notepads I love if you need to kick start your organization techniques. Or if you’re like me and just love having lots of options for your notes.


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